Vol. 4, No. 1   |   March 2017
When quitting is winning
Step into a new routine
It’s all in the numbers
Your plate is talking to you
Welcome back!

We are excited to relaunch the Wellness eMagazine. Since our last issue in 2015, we have continued to provide robust tools and resources to help you Be Well, Work Well. We offered new programs with WebMD and Anthem, designed to better help you reach your health and wellness goals.

In this wellness issue, you will learn about Anthem’s cutting-edge telemedicine tool, LiveHealth Online (LHO). This tool provides V Teamers and their family members access to online board-certified doctors using a personal mobile device or computer for acute medical care, mental health support, lactation consultation and more.

Exciting innovations in technology are advancing how we access healthcare to get the care we need, any time of day or night.

If you need a little help starting and sticking to healthy lifestyle habits, check out the WebMD Healthy Lifestyle coaching program. Complete your Health Assessment to access free personalized health coaching from WebMD — it’s that simple.

You’ll have access to a certified health coach who specializes in nutrition, exercise, and weight management and you can schedule calls with your coach at a time convenient for you. Your coach will review your Health Assessment results and partner with you to develop an action plan toward improved health.

So, take a moment to check out the redesigned wellness eMagazine and other exciting new information on the WellConnect site.

Be sure to read the Success Story in this eMagazine, and more on WellConnect, to hear firsthand from fellow V Teamers on how they have accomplished their health and wellness goals. If they can do it, you can too. All the information you need to get on the road to a healthier you is at your fingertips.

Let’s make 2017 your healthiest year yet.

Erica Editor

The doctors are always in

Ever dream of seeing a doctor any time, day or night, in the comfort of your own home, without the wait, for only 10 bucks? Now you can. Welcome to LiveHealth Online.

Feeling achy and feverish?
They can help.

Is your eye the color of a pink tulip?
They’ll take a look.

Got a weird rash on your arm?
They’ll assess it.

Connect with a doctor in just a few simple steps:

Sign up on your computer, tablet, or smart-phone by either downloading the LiveHealth Online app from the App Store® or Google Play or logging on to livehealthonline.com2.

You will need your Anthem member ID to enroll, so have your Anthem ID card handy.

Select a doctor based on your current medical need.

Start a session to be connected with a doctor face-to-face on your webcam who can answer questions, assess your condition, and may even write a prescription.

of primary care
visits could be
treated using

7 million:
Number of
users by 2018

Specialty services

LiveHealth Online also offers personalized specialty services, from lactation consultants to therapists. You’ll need to schedule an appointment for these services:

Just had a baby and

You probably have lots of questions.

FREE certified lactation consultants, counselors and registered dietitians are available:

  • Monday through Friday, 9 am to 11 pm,
    Eastern time
  • Saturdays, 10 am to 6 pm, Eastern time
Need to talk to a therapist
or psychologist?3

Pick a day, evening, or weekend appointment from a list of LiveHealth Online participating therapists. Typically, you’ll be able to find an opening within 4 days or less.

Therapy sessions last approximately
45 minutes.

Children as young as 10 years of age may use the LiveHealth Online Psychology for Teens program.

1, 3 Service for Management and Wireless Anthem members is $10 per “visit.” Cost for Non-Anthem members is a little more. LiveHealth Online is not available in Texas or Arkansas.

2 In certain states, service may not be available on a mobile device.

What’s up?

Mark your calendar for these exciting upcoming
wellness events. Select an event to read more.

Going on now...


  • April 5: National Walking Day Cancer Awareness Walk
  • Now - Dec 31:
    Biometric Wellness Screening
    Sign up

Coming soon...


Global Employee Health & Fitness Month

  • May 17: Bring Your Sneakers to Work Day

Are you going to bring your sneakers to work?


# of your coworkers said yes too.



Are you saying to yourself, “I just need to start”? Start losing weight, start exercising, start becoming a better me? Getting started can be daunting.

Meet Claire, an Administrative Assistant, who, despite her disability, confronted her I-just-need-to-start dilemma. Incorporating exercises unique to her physical situation, eating healthier, and using a wearable fitness device to help stay on track, she is meeting her goals and feels wonderful.

Find inspiration and begin your own Success Story. Read more about Claire’s story on WellConnect.

Administrative Assistant




When quitting is winning

Some things are worth quitting. Consider what quitting tobacco can do for you.

At any age, quitting tobacco has immediate positive effects on your health — even within 20 minutes. And, long-term quitting can add years to your life, significantly reducing risk to your heart and for certain types of cancers by as much as 50 percent.

QuitNet’s flexible options can help you begin and stay a successful quitter.

Learn more about quitting.

The number
of chemical
compounds in
tobacco smoke

Get moving
Step into a new routine

“Lookin’ good!” Don said to himself as he looked in the mirror, proud of his trimmer waistline.

Don wanted to look and feel good for his upcoming 30th high school reunion. Just a few months ago, he felt tired, out of shape, and his pants were getting tighter by the day. After a talk with his doctor, Don treated himself to a new pair of sneakers, and eased into a physical activity routine that worked for him. After starting with a 15 minute daily walk, Don’s now up to two miles a day and loves it.

“I’m enjoying the outdoors, finding much needed ‘me time,’ and I am really looking forward to my high school reunion.”


Any exercise
(even light), helps
improve your
noodle and ward off
memory loss and

No bones
about it - exercise
helps prevent
minimizing bone
breakage later
in life

Don used a variety of tools and tips to find a get-fit reason, prepare, and commit to his goal.

Check out some tips to get moving.

Save money when you purchase your own wearable fitness device. To take advantage of the company discount, Sign In; first-time users will need to Register.
For more information go
to website.

It’s all in the numbers

You know your Social Security number, your phone number, even your debit card PIN number. But, do you know your health numbers?

Get to know your numbers by signing up for a free biometric screening. It measures important things like blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, and body mass index, and identifies possible health risks and chronic conditions. Armed with your biometric numbers, take the next step toward a healthier you.

Be sure to sign up for your biometric screening

Then, use your screening results to complete your Health Assessment to earn up to a $100 reduction on your medical premium. Now, those are numbers that can benefit you.

Your plate is talking to you

Did you know your plate can tell you if you are eating right by the colors and combinations of your food?

Think of your plate like a color wheel. Half should be bright-colored fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fiber, and low on calories. The other half should include equal portions of lean meats and whole grains, which fill you up and are important to your health.

Expand your nutrition knowledge.

Go nuts!
A handful
(1.5 oz) of unsalted
nuts or 1-2 TBSP of
nut spread is a great
and good for
your heart

Water blahs
got you down?

Try healthy alternatives
like green tea, canned
veggie juice, or a
homemade spritzer of
50/50 seltzer water
and cranberry

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